hypnogun (hypnogun) wrote in artsandsciences,

Show Thursday!

Hey everyone!

The Arts and Sciences will be appearing:

Thu, Sep 2
the EARL (Atlanta, GA)
w/ Warm in the Wake and King Radio

I can't really say anything about the first band, I couldn't really find anything, but I come to this show already a fan of King Radio. This is my first time seeing them live but I've had the CD for several months and have been in love with it. If you enjoy us at all chances are you will REALLY enjoy seeing King Radio. He usually tours with an 11-pc band which includes a string section, so come get your fill of really impressive lush pop.

And we're playing, too.

I know it's a Thursday but it's Labor Day weekend. Trick yourself into thinking you got an extra long weekend by statying out for a show on Thursday night. This is a big show for us opening for a national act, so come out if you can!

See what you're getting into at: The Arts and Sciences
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