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shows this weekend!

Hey everyone!

First off, a special mention: I will be singing with the Susi French Connection this SATURDAY at Eddie's Attic. The Susi French Connection (featuring The Arts and Sciences guitarist Lee Cuthbert) put on a fabulously tacky show of 1970's AM Radio staples and they only perform about once a year. So go pick up some bellbottoms from your local thrift store and come out. They'll be performing two shows that night, at 7pm and 9:30pm (and the later show also features What The?! as the opener). I'll be singing during both shows.

Then SUNDAY you can catch my new band The Arts and Sciences at Park Tavern in Piedmont Park. It's 99X's Unplugged in the Park (but we'll be plugged, so don't tell anyone!) and the show starts at 7pm. Local heroes the Drexlers will be opening up. It's also FREE! FREE FREE FREE! We start recording the new CD on Monday so expect a lot of new songs at this show (as we squeeze in one more rehearsal before committing them to posterity).

To sum up:

the Susi French Connection
Saturday, Aug 21 @ 7 and 9:30pm
Eddie's Attic
Directions: www.eddiesattic.com

the Arts and Sciences
Sunday, Aug 22 @ 7pm
Park Tavern at Piedmont Park - FREE
99X Unplugged in the Park
Directions: www.unpluggedinthepark.com

Come out to one or both! You know you want to!

Here's what you're getting into:
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